Sony Vaio LV250B Review Sterling Heights MI

Sony's Vaio LV250B in Sterling Heights is the follow-up PC to the debut LV100 series of desktop PCs and this all-in-one remains just as feature-rich and versatile as the original.

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Sony Vaio LV250B Review

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Sony Vaio LV250B Review

Author: Gill Critchley

The new Sony LV250B is set to be a very popular desktop PC and features a new CPU, generally better specs, and a lower price than the LV180J that came out around September, all of which is really good news. Even better than this is the fact that Sony has stayed true to the original's formula, which combines a powerful all-in-one PC with a unique array of home entertainment capabilities. You will find that you pay a premium for the extra features on this system, and if all you’re after is a fast all-in-one with a large screen, an iMac would probably be the better choice as it’ll have all that you need on it as well as being more cost effective. However; for those who are after a computer that will act as their complete home entertainment system then no other PC can be better-suited to the task than this one.

The Vaio LV250B has a number of features that recommend it for home entertainment use. Although it may appear to have a basic look when you first see it, look closer and you'll find a number of design tweaks that help it stand out from the crowd. Firstly, this Sony is the only all-in-one that can work out of the box with a VESA-compatible wall mount. It's also the only all-in-one with an HDMI input. There is a dedicated button that lets you switch the display signal between the computer and whatever HDMI device you may have connected, and the transition is seamless with no loss in picture quality. That feature in particular opens the Vaio LV250B up to connecting HD video cameras, video game consoles, and other devices with unmatched ease.

Sony’s LV250B is one of the best multimedia desktop PCs out there at the moment with some of the best computer accessories , including; a wireless mouse and keyboard. If you’re after a PC then a good idea is to compare prices so that you see all the deals on cheap desktop computers .

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Gill Critchley is a UK based author with experience within the financial industry centering on the insurance sector.

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