Sony DGDAT72 Data Tape Grand Rapids MI

The Sony DAT72 is a huge capacity data tape that is extensively used by the large enterprises in Grand Rapids. The Sony DAT72, part number DGDAT72, ensures ultra high performance and extreme protection for user's data at the cheapest price.

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Sony DGDAT72 Data Tape

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The Durable Sony DGDAT72 Data Tape

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The DGDAT72 magnetic data tape was co-invented by Sony. The DAT72 data tapes are combined with higher speed and increased storage capacity. The DGDAT72 tape is highly durable. This is the reason why the DAT72 tape is extensively used by the large enterprises. The Sony DGDAT72 tape is easy to use just like its previous DDS generation tape. The other tapes of new generation DDS technology includes Maxell 200200, Hewlett-Packard (HP) C8010A, TDK 27746, IBM 18P7912, Imation 17204, Fuji 26046172, Quantum CDM72 and many others. All these tapes deliver unmatched speed and ultra-high protection to the user’s valuable data. The Sony DAT72 tape cartridges has been providing long term archiving solutions, multimedia storage, and cost efficient backup for decades.

The Sony DGDAT72 tape has a back coating which lowers friction that allows smoother transport in the complex transport modes and mechanisms. The base film used in the formation of the Sony DGDAT72 tapes is extremely smooth that results in a highly efficient data tape with reduced error-rate. The Super Calendaring techniques used by the DGDAT72 tape provide the magnetic layer a mirror-finish. This helps in reducing the spacing-loss which causes errors. By combining the static resistance technology, a three dimensional network-binder structure, and an optimized-lubricating system in the Sony DGDAT72 data cartridge helps in delivering exceptional performance and durability. The premium quality DAT72 tapes are available at

The Cartridge incorporates a dual layer coating technology that has achieved worldwide proven track-record for storing and protecting data in cost effective manner. The tape has superb data storage capacity. It stores data up to 36 GB of data (native). The tape stores 72 GB of data in compressed mode. The Sony DDS5 tape is recognized for its durability as well as sturdiness. This is because it offers superior static-resistance and prevents the dust accumulation. You can avail the finest quality DAT72 tapes from

The Sony DGDAT72 data cartridge releases the lubricants from the lower-layer of the media which controls the friction. The properly lubricated tape surface ensures stable transport. The Sony DGDAT72 tape has a length of one hundred and seventy meters. The archival life of the Sony DGDAT72 tape is thirty years that includes five thousand head passes under tough conditions. The Cartridge design is very hard and tough that prevents the cartridge from damage. provides the supreme quality DDS tapes at the most economical price.

The DAT72 tapes are widely used by the large enterprises. The small and medium computer networks also preferably use the DAT72 tapes as it provides greater storage capacity and high efficiency at the cheapest price. The DAT72 tapes are compatible with Windows (98, 2000, XP), LINUX, UNIX and all the other known operating systems and softwares. The leading brands of the world including Sony, Maxell, HP, IBM, Fuji, Imation and many others support DAT72 tapes. For the latest price and fact sheets please visit

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