Retail & Consumer Services Flint MI

Often, the most important aspect of Flint retail management isn’t the product, but the customer service. Quality customer service will ensure that the customer in Flint prefers your business and/or prodcut over another businesses’ services. For more information on retail and consumer services, read the following group of articles.

Apple iPhone Flint MI

The must-have phone of the moment. But what's really so good about Apple's first smartphone?

Flip Video Ultra Flint MI

It just got easier to upload to YouTube

Great Gifts Ideas Flint MI

You're invited to a fabulous party or decide to host that intimate gathering or just want to go out with friends to see the latest cover band.

Nokia N95 8GB Flint MI

With the original N95, Nokia cracked it - combining a great phone with an astounding camera and all the functionality of a good PDA in a device the size of a packet of fags.

T-Mobile G1 Flint MI

The T-Mobile G1 is the first mobile handset to feature Google's open-source Android operating system. As such, it's arguably the most interesting development in mobile phones since the iPhone's appearance two years ago.