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You live day in and day out in that job that is dead end. Your thoughts look to that perfect dream job you wish you had. You can move a step closer with the perfect resume. Do you know what a potential employer is looking for, and what they absolutely hate? Read on to find out more and get out of that awful job in Holland.

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Resume Writing Tips

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How to Write an Effective Resume - Do You Want That Dream Job Or Not?

Author: David Leonard Houde

It is getting more and more competitive in the chase for the great job. With cutbacks, layoffs, and a climbing unemployment rate, how are you going to set yourself apart from the crowd? Very little time is given to job searchers and that first impression is extremely important - your resume can make or break you - faster than you think. Here are some critical pointers that will help get you through that potential employers door.

As a hiring manager for a family dining establishment, I had first hand experience with that first impression. I have to say, I gave a very quick look over an application and resume. On average, about 30 seconds is all you get. Whatever you are going to say in your resume had better jump out and keep me interested. A first pointer is that your resume needs to be concise and clear. Concise: keep it focused and avoid any irrelevant material. Clear: don't be overly wordy. Since your resume might be the only link between you and a potential employer, it has to be stellar.

Don't be lazy when writing your resume. If you cannot spell, get a dictionary or have a friend (that you trust) proofread it. Nothing is more of a turn off than spelling errors. Maybe it was just a misdirected keystroke, and an honest mistake, however it is a huge turn off to a potential employer. Relying on a computer spell check is not a good idea either. Grammar is very important as well. What appears as a lack of English language skills will send your resume soaring toward the office circular file.

The appearance of your resume is very important. Avoid using bright paper as a way to get your resume to stand out. Simple tactics like using bold, italics and underlining will go a lot further with your potential new boss. Using all CAPS should be avoided. Anyone that has ever read an email or received a text that is all in CAPS knows what I am REFERRING TO. Ensure your resume is received by the employer in pristine condition. Dog eared corners, rips, tears and folds give the impression you do not care. A good quality paper will stand up better to the unexpected.

Still have your attention? Good.

This is only the beginning - more great tips on resume writing , including format and structure, are available through my website. If you show little care and concern when submitting your resume to a potential employer, you are probably never going to get that dream job. But if you want that job you must follow this link to the secret tools of amazing resumes.

Don't wait - that job you want could be gone before you know it.

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