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Payroll bureaus around the world vie every day for the accounts of companies small and large so they can offer the services those companies need.

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Managing Payroll Services

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Author: Michael J. Kelly

Payroll bureaus around the world vie every day for the accounts of companies small and large so they can offer the services those companies need. As a business owner or account director, you need to be aware of what those payroll bureaus offer in the way of payroll services and how to go about choosing the right one for the job.

Who Might Need a Payroll Bureau?

The first question you need to ask is whether or not you need a payroll bureau at all. Many small businesses go through this dilemma early in their existence and some wait a bit too long, wasting resources and expending time and money when they could have streamlined those processes months or years earlier.

However, not every business needs payroll services. So, which group are you a part of? Here are a few examples to help you decide if you need to add payroll services to your company:

- Do you have more than 2 or 3 employees that require regular payments?

- Are you spending more than 5 hours a week tabulating and managing your payroll as well as tax documents?

- Have you had any problems with your employees' paperwork or payroll in the past? Have there been complaints?

- Is your record keeping system complete and accurate enough in case of government audit?

If any of these situations present a problem for you and your company, you should probably consider acquiring payroll services from a good payroll bureau. Not only is it not worth taking any risks on your employees' paychecks, it's not worth wasting your own time trying to figure the whole mess out.

Choosing a Good Payroll Bureau

When you start going through the process of choosing a payroll bureau you need to be sure that you pick a good one that is going to work well with your specific situation. If you're a small business you shouldn't be talking with companies that only provide services to large companies and vice versa.

Additionally, make sure that you research each company you're considering thoroughly to ensure that you get the best possible resources - making sure they are both licensed and that they hire well educated, skilled employees. Any number of times, you'll find dozens if not hundreds of companies tied to a payroll bureau that is not well managed, which can lead to a number of issues with payments to employees and tax paperwork.

Are Your Payroll Services Well Handled?

No matter which route you go for your business, you can be sure that a payroll bureau is going to be a highly effective way to save you money, time, and ensure the accuracy of all payroll services. With something like the payments you make to your employees every week, other week, or month, you need to be sure you get the most accurate, effective method possible. You'll appreciate the peace of mind and the added efficiency it provides for you and your company.

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Michael Kelly is the managing director of Irish Payroll. Irish Payroll is a payroll bureau for businesses in Europe and North America and numerous other streamlining services. Visit

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