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When you started your internet business in Ann Arbor all you heard was how much money everybody was making, how you could make online money now and how easy it was. You may feel like everyone else is making money on the internet but you, meanwhile you're going broke trying to make money.

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Making Online Money

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5 Internet Secrets To “Make Online Money Now”

Author: Brian Wright

This is the place where you may have thought the problem was the Internet. The reality is that the problem is probably you. There are several common mistakes that inexperienced network marketers make along the way that prevents you from making online money now .

1. Don’t market the wrong product because selection is real important to make online money now , it should be something that you understand and use yourself.

There is no good reason to feel like you’re stuck with a product you don’t like or believe in because there are many more opportunities that would work better for you. Find something that is in high demand and is easy for you to sell online. Target your market and focus on them.

2. Try the product you sell. This goes back to basics don’t sell something that you do not know anything about. Remember how important it is to have first hand knowledge using the product yourself.

3. Don’t skip to the last step or get ahead of your learning curve and take on too much, you can overwhelm yourself which leads to frustration and then giving up. Focus on marketing a couple of products in the beginning and then slowly expand as you master selling them. Don’t spread your resources to thin.

4. Is it possible to make millions instantly? Yes, it’s possible but not likely. The truth is if you know what you are doing then you will make online money now but not before. Forget about all the hype of instant success, it’s unrealistic to think that you will be making millions of dollars in a short period of time.

5. Like anything in life you have to make it happen. Determination is vitally important to your success without it you might as well quit now. You will have challenges before you and some things will take longer to learn than others, but it is important to be patient.

Focus on one or two products at a time, execute your business plan and you will be making a lot of money in no time at all. Remember to work hard so that you can achieve your ultimate goal of making a lot of money on the Internet.

About the Author:

Brian Scott Wright is a professional network marketer, business owner and online business coach. To take a closer look at a proven business model and turnkey marketing system that can help get you started to make money online now, then go to my website now and see for yourself at

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