Importance Of Internships Ann Arbor MI

No matter what your major is, there's an internship for you.

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McKinley Associates
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320 N Main
Ann Arbor, MI

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MG Software Consultants Inc
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Ann Arbor, MI
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Roddy Staffing Services
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777 E Eisenhower Pky
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GDI Infotech, Inc.
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3775 Varsity Drive
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Wolverine Technical Staffing
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315 N Main St
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Integrated Management Systems, Inc.
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3135 South State Street
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Open Box Solutions
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3354 Turnberry Ln
Hanarbor, MI

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Netxert Inc
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An Arbor, MI

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Lee Temporaries
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900 Victors Way
Ann Arbor, MI
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Admin & Clerical, Light Industrial, Other

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Importance Of Internships

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  • No matter what your major is, there's an internship for you.
  • A little research may be required for more unusual majors.

If you're in an off-the-beaten-path major -- like musicology, or global or medieval studies -- you may think only college students in common majors like accounting, business administration or computer science find decent internships.

Think again.

You can find a great internship that fits your unique interests, whatever your major, if you're open to doing a bit of digging.

Take Johanna Smith, for example, who is now an assistant professor of theatre education at California State University at San Bernardino. About 10 years ago, she was an undergraduate at Miami University in Ohio studying interdisciplinary studies, a program that allowed her to essentially develop her own major.

"Being an unusual student, I thrived in the program," Smith says. "Plus, I was able to combine my interests in zoology and theatre arts."

She soon found herself wanting to do an internship. But could she find one that blended her two almost opposite passions?

"I found the best possible internship: I interned for three summers at the Philadelphia Zoo's Treehouse, a sort of playhouse of the environment," she says. "They have larger-than-life habitats made out of fiberglass, such as a giant bee hive and a giant rainforest. They surround children with the sights, sounds and even the smells of these habitats so the children can pretend to be the animals from their perspective. I led songs and creative drama sessions and did live animal shows where I also served as a zookeeper for the show animals."...

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