How to Kill Spiders Ann Arbor MI

The presence of spiders in your house can be bothersome, regardless if they are harmful or not. Also, a lot of people are afraid of spiders (and that’s a very valid reason to want to get rid of them). Therefore, you may have to consider killing spiders.

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How to Kill Spiders

Many people are not too keen on killing spiders. Although many consider spiders pests, most house spiders are pretty much non-venomous and harmless. Most of the spider breeds that can reside in your home are harmless (or, at least, they do not have any sort of poison). The common house spiders such as the jumping spiders and the daddy long legs (which, technically, aren’t really spiders at all) do not pose any threat. Of course, the venomous spiders such as the black widow and the brown recluse spider can also be found in residences such as yours. Also, it is a well known fact that spiders can do a lot to minimize the bug population in your residence. Spiders eat bugs, after all, and they help keep a delicate balance in your garden.

However, you cannot discount the fact that they are also pests. The presence of spiders in your house can be bothersome, regardless if they are harmful or not. Also, a lot of people are afraid of spiders (and that’s a very valid reason to want to get rid of them). Therefore, you may have to consider killing spiders. Unlike other pests or bugs that can stay in your residence, it’s hard to simply remove or drive away the spiders. Unlike bees, spiders do not have a nest that you can simply scrape off to drive them away. Your only real solution is to kill the spiders; your only choice is whether you will do it naturally or otherwise.

So how do you go about killing spiders?

Killing spiders

You can kill spiders naturally through the use of diatomaceous earth. This compound is safe on humans and other animals. However, when exoskeletal bugs such as (and not limited to) spiders step on the diatomaceous earth, it will disintegrate their skeletal structure.

Using the diatomaceous earth is easy. First off, simply clean and clear out possible hiding space of the spiders can sprinkle the diatomaceous earth, hence killing spiders naturally. Sprinkling this compound on basements, closets, and other possible hiding places will be helpful as well. Finally, the outside of your home can also be sprinkled with the diatomaceous earth. This way, they wouldn’t be able to come close to your house.

Perhaps you’re wondering: why use diatomaceous earth when there are commercially available sprays and chemicals in the market? As mentioned earlier, when it comes to killing spiders, you can either kill them naturally or not. And diatomaceous earth is a natural compound that is safe for humans and animals. For instance, dogs and cats can intake this earth and they wouldn’t feel any adverse effects. However, it tends to be quite sticky due to the moisture. Therefore, while it’s not poisonous, one shouldn’t inhale it as it will tend to stick. If you have pets, you need to be careful so they wouldn’t be able to inhale it. Still, diatomaceous earth is considerably safe. In farms, this diatomaceous earth is used to eliminate bugs in their crops and farm animals. Diatomaceous earth is available at the home improvement stores (at the garden section).

Of course, if you’d rather not use diatomaceous earth (or if you can’t find anyone in your local home improvement store), you can use other methods instead. Here, you’re going to have to eliminate the spiders yourself with the use of some tools. This is a method that should be used with caution if you think your house is also home to some poisonous spiders. But you think you only have to deal with common house spiders, these methods should be able to do the trick.

You can use a broom handle that is at least four feet long, tie a rag on its end to form a ball, spray bug spray on the rag, and use this to clear corners and ceiling edges, among other possible location for spiders. When going through the edges, it is best to do it in a circular motion to make sure no spider will be left untouched. After this, throw the rag out. Do this process once a month (although every two months can do if the spider population in your house isn’t too severe) to get rid of those pesky spider pests.

However, there are places your broom stick wouldn’t be able to reach. In this case, you can use one tool you probably already have: a vacuum cleaner. Simply use your vacuum cleaner to suck the spider in. This isn’t exactly a great method to eliminate the spider in general; all this can do is help you eliminate spiders instantly. But if you’re not too keen on facing the spiders head on (as what you will have to do when you employ the method mentioned above), using a vacuum cleaner could be quite convenient. Of course, cleaning the clutter in your house can eliminate spiders too. And even if it doesn’t, it will help you clear out spiders easily. This is especially helpful in moist and damp areas such as your basements. Spiders tend to situate themselves in these areas, as they thrive better in moist areas.

You should also consider wearing gloves if you’re scared of spiders, especially if you’re going to use the broom stick technique. Using insecticides can be convenient too, of course, but it’s not exactly natural. Also, when you use insecticides, you may not be able to thoroughly kill the spiders. One technique to increase the chance of spider removal: eliminating their food or food sources. If spiders in your house eat flies, try to eliminate the flies first. This way, after you use any of the techniques stated above, other spiders would no longer invade your home.

Remember that spiders can be both useful and harmful (or, at the very least). Spiders can help eliminate bugs and other pests inside your house. Are you sure you can deal with the bugs after the spiders are eliminated from your house? In any case, killing spiders and spider removal should be easy.