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Learn more about DIY projects with these in-depth guides to getting your home projects in Ann Arbor done right, whether it may be remodeling projects, interior design, exterior care, or lawn and garden care. Read through our articles if you are looking for home professionals in Ann Arbor.

How to Kill Spiders Ann Arbor MI

The presence of spiders in your house can be bothersome, regardless if they are harmful or not. Also, a lot of people are afraid of spiders (and that’s a very valid reason to want to get rid of them). Therefore, you may have to consider killing spiders.

Pest Control Ann Arbor MI

Pest control refers to the regulation of species defined as pests. Some of the more common pests affecting households include fleas, bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, carpenter ants, and rodents. Methods to eliminate your problem with pests include: the elimination of breeding grounds, poisoned bait, field burning, traps, poisoned spray, hunting, space fumigation, and space treatment. See below to locate a pest control service in Ann Arbor, MI.