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Do you need help with your Lansing business and/or personal finances? If so, then there are a number of financial services you can utilize that will help you become financially savvy. To learn more about financial services in Lansing, read the following group of articles.
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Certified Public Accountants/CPAs Lansing MI

Certified Public Account (CPA) is the title given to accountant professionals who have passed the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination (CPA Exam). The CPA designation is granted by the state boards, and not by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). CPAs perform many varied services, including financial audits (assuring and attesting that businesses are following the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, or GAAP), tax preparation, forensic accounting, and consulting. See below to locate a Certified Public Accountant in Lansing, MI.

Adjust Withholding Lansing MI

Getting a big refund every tax filing season may be fun, but you're cheating yourself by letting the IRS have too much of your money throughout the year. Read on to find out why I say so.

Active Retirement Lansing MI

Here you will find information and local resources in Lansing, MI that will assist with Active Retirement. Get the information and expertise in Lansing you are looking for Active Retirement, retirement plan, retirement consulting, architects retirement planning, benefit plan. Do the research before you make any investments or decisions regarding Retirement Planning. Our guides and resources will help you quickly and easily make an educated decision about Active Retirement.

About Credit Cards Lansing MI

It's a balancing act, but having too much credit available could deny you the loan you really want, says Steve Bucci, the Debt Adviser. So how many credit cards can/should you have? Read on for more information.

A Quick Guide to Credit Card Interest Lansing MI

To get the most out of credit card offers, it pays to spend a little time educating yourself about the terms and conditions offered before you apply. In particular, understanding the terms related to credit card interest can save quite a bit of money over time.

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4 Ways to Slash Textbook Costs Lansing MI

Students carry a sizable chunk of the soaring cost of a college education in their backpacks. Look past the campus bookstore. Shop online, rent, buy used books or download books for a small fee.

Emergency Plan for Dealing with Debt Lansing MI

Americans are carrying hundreds of billions in revolving debt. If you owe an all-too-large chunk of that, you're in trouble. But it's never too late to turn things around.

How to Lobby for More College Financial Aid Lansing MI

If your financial aid offer left you a little light in the pockets, don't worry. The game's not over yet. Students can appeal their financial aid offers and potentially get more money than they were originally offered if they play their cards right.

10 Ways to Land More College Financial Aid Lansing MI

When most high school students start looking at colleges, they think about what the college offers in terms of academics and extracurriculars. But when the financial aid packages from schools come in the mail this spring, the final decision will likely be made with dollars and cents in mind.

11 Tips to Shrink Your Credit Card Debt Lansing MI

High interest debt will keep you in the poor house in Lansing forever, so do everything you can to get rid of it. Paying a little more each month is one of the best ways to shrink your credit card debt. Because of the savings on interest charges, each dollar you save to pay down your credit card debt faster.

3 Cool Credit Card Management Tools Lansing MI

Combining money management tools with social networking, the new Web 2.0 personal finance sites are barely five years old, yet have become an instant favorite of consumers looking to take greater control over their credit cards and general finances.

3 Reasons to Choose a Low Interest Credit Card Lansing MI

Low interest credit cards in Lansing often get overlooked compared to the more flashy members of the credit card family, such as 0% balance transfer credit cards or rewards credit cards.

3 Ways to Protect Your Credit Cards When Shopping Online Lansing MI

With internet criminals getting smarter and bolder each day, there are more reasons than ever to stay proactive about online security, particularly if you frequently use your credit cards to shop online in Lansing.

3 Ways to Protect Your Credit Cards When Shopping Online Lansing MI

With internet criminals getting smarter and bolder each day, there are more reasons than ever to stay proactive about online security, particularly if you frequently use your credit cards to shop online.

4 Easy Ways to Lower Your Credit Card Interest Lansing MI

Save big by finding ways to lower your interest rates with low interest credit cards at Here are 4 easy ways to lower your credit card interest in Lansing.

4 Frugal Tips for 30-Something Lansing MI

Saving money is hard to do when you have a new family, a new car and/or a new house. Consider these suggestions for stretching your budget.

4 Tips for Dealing with High Interest Credit Card Debt Lansing MI

Here are four tips for dealing with high interest credit card debt. Taking these simple steps will not only help you deal with the situation at hand, they will also save you a bundle of money.

4 Ways to Consolidate High Interest Credit Card Debt Lansing MI

If you struggle with high interest credit card debt in Lansing, you’re not alone. The #1 New Year’s Resolution for more than half of Americans two years running has been to pay off their debt, according to a survey by Franklin Covey Company.

401K Plan Lansing MI

Having a 401K plan in Lansing is a critical factor to building a nest egg for retirement. Whether you stop contributing or not is up to you, but I recommended that you contribute something every paycheck, especially right now since the market has dropped substantially.

5 Dirty Little Secrets about Credit Cards Lansing MI

Credit cards are one of life’s great contradictions: we love them; we hate them. We love credit cards when we swipe our card like a magic wand, instantly fulfilling our every whim.

529 Plans Offering Excellent Tax Benefits Lansing MI

The 529 plans offer outstanding income tax benefits, and they're very flexible in that they allow anyone to use 529 plans no matter what your age or income level .They also have very high contribution limits, with no annual limits.

6 Ways to Protect Yourself from Credit Card Fraud Lansing MI

Credit card fraud can strike anywhere, anytime, and often from sources where we least expect it. Most of the time, people don’t even know that their credit card information is stolen until fraudulent charges appear on their statement.

9 Credit Card Deals You Never Knew You Had Lansing MI

Credit cards come with many other benefits, which you might not even be aware of. These benefits offer great convenience, and in some cases, can add up to real savings, making them not just great credit card deals, but real steals.

A 5-Step Plan for Improving Bad Credit Lansing MI

I'm in the process of trying to buy a home, but my wife and I have had some credit problems in the past involving student loans, a credit card and a repossession of a car. What is the best way to deal with cleaning up our credit?

A Basic Investment Guide Lansing MI

Knowing how to trade ahead of time takes the pressure off the trade itself and puts your focus on the matter at hand, the purchase of the stock and the investing strategies.

A Brief History of Credit Scores Lansing MI

What a difference a few hundred years make in Lansing. Like our forebears of yesteryear, we hold certain truths to be self-evident: that we’re all endowed with certain unalienable rights and that all men (and women) are created equal—as long as our credit score meets a certain minimum benchmark.

A Guide to Different Types of Credit Cards Lansing MI

With the various types of credit card options available, it may be a challenge to understand the possibilities. Here is a quick overview of the different types of credit cards and credit card brands.

A Quick Guide to Credit Card Interest Lansing MI

To get the most out of credit card offers, it pays to spend a little time educating yourself about the terms and conditions offered before you apply. In particular, understanding the terms related to credit card interest can save quite a bit of money over time.

About Credit Cards Lansing MI

It's a balancing act, but having too much credit available could deny you the loan you really want, says Steve Bucci, the Debt Adviser. So how many credit cards can/should you have? Read on for more information.

Accounting Information Lansing MI

Making a profit in a business is derived from several different areas. It can get a little complicated because just as in our personal lives, business is run on credit as well. Many businesses in Lansing sell their products to their customers on credit.

Active Retirement Lansing MI

Here you will find information and local resources in Lansing, MI that will assist with Active Retirement. Get the information and expertise in Lansing you are looking for Active Retirement, retirement plan, retirement consulting, architects retirement planning, benefit plan. Do the research before you make any investments or decisions regarding Retirement Planning. Our guides and resources will help you quickly and easily make an educated decision about Active Retirement.

Adjust Withholding Lansing MI

Getting a big refund every tax filing season may be fun, but you're cheating yourself by letting the IRS have too much of your money throughout the year. Read on to find out why I say so.

Adopting the Right Finance Attitude Lansing MI

The beginning of a new year at college is filled with expectations of cool courses, new friends, catching up with old ones, and something that that never seems to change for freshman or seniors alike; a limited cash flow. How to successfully oversee your student loans, credit cards and cash-on-hand can ease some stress and allow you to concentrate more on acing your courses.

Advance Health Care Directives and Living Wills Lansing MI

Advance directives are the best possible assurance that decisions regarding your future medical care will reflect your own wishes, in the event that you are unable to voice these wishes in Lansing. For this reason, every person aged 18 or over should prepare a directive. Find out more about advance directives, living wills and estate planning in this informational article.

Advantages Of Credit Repair Lansing MI

Some people don't worry when they know that their credit will be checked, but for close to 70 there is a worry. Usually it is because their loan can be possibly declined, due to negative or inaccurate information on their credit report. Read on and learn more.

Advantages of Exchange Traded Funds Lansing MI

In general, ETFs are less volatile than individual stocks, have many of the benefits of sector and index mutual funds, and a relatively low expense ratio. Fraud, as has occurred with standard mutual funds, is virtually impossible. They are worth considering as alternatives to individual stocks and standard mutual funds.

All About Emergency Funds Lansing MI

An emergency fund saves headache in Lansing. Costly home repairs can set you back several hundred dollars. An emergency fund will keep you from having to choose between having your car back and having your lights on. And when a loved one is ill, you can concentrate on them and not think about how you will pay the bills.

All About Stock Lansing MI

Learn the true value of owning stock shares in a company.

All-Important Credit Scores Lansing MI

Credit scores are used in a variety of ways in Lansing to see if borrowers are a good risk and to determine what type of interest rates they receive. That includes credit cards, car loans, mortgages and even renting an apartment.

Allocating and Rebalancing Post-Retirement Lansing MI

Entering retirement is a good time to strategize on how best to allocate your resources to achieve your goals in Lansing. Maintaining your strategy will keep you on track.

Applying for SBA Loans Lansing MI

SBA Loans are the most common loans offered to small businesses. These programs are available through qualified lenders in Lansing. Most banks and non-bank lenders offer these types of loans, but some are much better than others with SBA loans.

Are Rewards Credit Cards Worth It? Lansing MI

If you’re like most people, you probably carry one or several rewards credit cards in your wallet. After all, you have to buy groceries every week anyhow, so why not put the tab on a card that promises you frequent flyer miles for every dollar spent?

Asset Based Loans Lansing MI

The current job market is unstable to say the least. With no end to this global recession in sight in Lansing, more and more Canadians are opting to start their own companies. Banks used to be a viable way to obtain a small business loan, but in this economy, a private asset-based loan just might be the way to go.

ATM Fraud Increasing Identity Theft Risk Lansing MI

Robert Siciliano is a Expert Guest BloggerAccording to a recent survey, ATM fraud is becoming increasingly common. 70% of financial institutions reported an increase in ATM and debit card fraud claims from 2007 to 2008, and those numbers are expected to rise even further.

Auto Loan Issue Lansing MI

Letting your auto go into reposession will damage your credit, and it doesn't cancel your loan balance, warns the Debt Adviser. If you also have a problem like that in Lansing, do read on and get what you want to know.

Auto Refinance Lansing MI

Auto refinance is basically the loan which is availed to pay off your current auto loan in Lansing. Therefore these loans are generally cheaper and you may also look for extending the time span for the repayment term of the loan and also the amount that is usually required to be paid each month.

Auto Refinance Loans Lansing MI

Sometimes, one will need to take a loan to pay up an already existing loan. This is especially so if the current one is attracting a very high interest rate. This is what auto refinancing in Lansing is about.

Avoiding Bad Credit Score Lansing MI

Credit repair is the process of fixing your current credit standing to make things favorable for you in the future with credit companies and financial agencies. Regardless of what you file, a mortgage, a loan perhaps, or even a credit card, your finances will be checked by the credit card company, bank or agency in Lansing.

Avoiding Emergency Cash Advance Penalties Lansing MI

These cash advances are primarily meant for emergency purposes. The salaried people can find the loan within the same day without any credit checks and repay on next payday.

Avoiding Foreclosure Lansing MI

Anyone with a foreclosure on his credit record is not going to be able to meet the requirements. It could well be nearly impossible to get a home mortgage for years into the future. This makes it imperative that you take the steps to avoid foreclosure now.

Avoiding Mortgage Mistakes Lansing MI

Buying your very own house is always a very momentous occasion. You can get very excited which often results to carelessness. Oftentimes, people who get their very first mortgage make too many mistakes. These include buying houses one cannot really afford, being house poor, and getting mortgages with very high interest rates.

Avoiding Probate Lansing MI

Most of us have heard that Probate is something to be avoided. Simply put, Probate is the legal process by the means of which the court system oversees the administration of your estate when you die. It supervises the payments of your debts and makes sure that your assets are distributed according to your Will in Lansing, if you have one, or, if you don't, then according to the law of intestate succession of the particular state in which you reside.

Bad Credit Auto Loan Lansing MI

Being in bad credit means that you are short of cash, yet you have large pending bills. It could also mean that you are bankrupt. The unfortunate thing is that, you will still need to keep your life in Lansing moving.

Bad Credit Auto Loans Lansing MI

Sometimes, you might need to buy a car in Lansing but you have no idea of how to finance it. This may be especially true if you have bad credit. Many people think that if their financial records are bad, then their lives have come to an abrupt halt.

Bad Credit Car Loan Lansing MI

When you are faced with bad credit and you need to buy a car in Lansing, the last thing that you may want is to spend more than you can afford. To avoid doing so then, you need to compare the different rates at which the automobile is being sold to you. You should not be put off by bad financial records because if you work hard enough at it, you can do away with the bad records and start your life afresh.

Bad Credit Car Loans Lansing MI

Getting a loan in Lansing while your credit score is bad is no easy task. The problem is compounded by the fact that there are so many firms that would want to work with you. Discerning the genuine ones from the fake ones is no easy task. If you desperately need to buy a car but your bad credit report puts you off, this is the time to look into the various web sites of lenders who work with people who have poor financial records.

Bad Credit Counseling Lansing MI

A reputable credit repair company will come with all of the knowledge necessary to protect your rights and responsibilities. Obviously they are trained in this area and will know more than you and this will only be a benefit. A credit repair specialist will exercise your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Read on and learn more

Bad Credit Loans Lansing MI

Bad credit loans are the best and the efficient way out for all kinds of borrowers to meet the unavoidable circumstances in Lansing. These loans are categorized in both secured and unsecured forms.

Bad Credit Loans Lansing MI

Loans bad credit in Lansing can be sourced in secured and unsecured form. These loans enable the applicants to sustain their various needs. The loan amount can also be used to resolve the credit crisis.

Bad Debt Management Lansing MI

Here is a letter from a college student, let's see what the Debt Adviser says to him. It's a misconception that a credit card debt 'freezes' once turned over to a collection agency. That debt clock keeps ticking with fees and penalties, says the Debt Adviser.

Bailout Survival Strategies Lansing MI

Invest in or keep your commercial real estate in Lansing, but adjust your lease rates to keep your tenants intact. I’ve written a past article on how even in a declining value market, income-producing real estate protects your capital better than most other investment vehicles.

Balancing your Budget Lansing MI

The basic premise behind a budget in Lansing is that the income has to exceed the expenses. It there is a deficit, then you either need to cut your spending or increase your income. Continuing on a deficit path will only lead to an eventual crash. It all has to start with a budget. It is important to get an understanding of what you are making and what you are spending so that you can bring it into balance.

Bank Home Foreclosures Lansing MI

The real estate foreclosure process has become all too familiar to millions of homeowners. Did many of them make mistakes when they bought homes they could not afford? Did they find themselves upside down and were they forced to use credit cards to meet their monthly mortgage payments? Sadly, the answer for many of them was yes.

Banking for Teenagers Lansing MI

Kids learn their money management skills in Lansing from watching their parents. The age of thirteen or fourteen may seem like a young age to introduce financial skills like managing a checking account. But before you know it, those teenagers will be away from home and living in a dorm on a college campus. Do you want to trust them to make financial decisions on their own with no guidance?

Basic Facts Of Reverse Mortgages Lansing MI

An FHA reverse mortgage is a loan insured by the U.S. government through its Federal Housing Administration or FDA, under the sponsorship of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development or HUD.

Basic Investing Concepts Lansing MI

Even in the current market in Lansing downturn there are some basic planning concepts that you need to follow. Whenever you buy an investment, it’s a good idea to think about how long you want to own it. This is called your investment time horizon. Are you hoping to make a quick profit so you can take a nice vacation this summer? Or are you investing for retirement, which may be 20 or 30 years away? The longer your time horizon, the more volatility (price change) you can tolerate.

Basic Steps for Building a Budget Lansing MI

A great way to start living a frugal life in Lansing is to plan for it. And when it comes to finances, the most important plan is a budget. Setting up a budget is possible no matter what you income, how you get paid, or what your current financial situation. Developing a budget is the first (and most crucial step) to becoming frugal. Here are some great tips on how to do it.

Before You Apply for Credit Cards, Ask These 3 Questions Lansing MI examines how to apply for credit cards and shows that online credit card applications not only offer great convenience, but also give the option to choose among a wide range of great credit card offers in Lansing.

Beginner's Guide to Mortgage Shopping Lansing MI

Here are some guidelines in Lansing for beginners -- assuming you've already laid the groundwork by inspecting your credit report. Inspecting your credit report and getting it in the best shape possible is your first step to the best mortgage.

Being Wise with your Windfall Lansing MI

It is human nature to immediately think of all the things that you would like to buy with the windfall money. However, without a plan, the money could be gone before you know it and leave you with not much to show for it. Make sure you have an adequate savings cushion and begin paying down your debt before you fritter it away.

Best Credit Card Offers Lansing MI

The best credit card offers in the industry advertise low introductory rates on purchases and balance transfers, competitive customary APRs, low or no annual fees, and aggressive reward earning opportunities.

Beware of These Debt Signs Lansing MI

Majority of the people all over the world find themselves trapped in debts because in the first place, they hardly realize the symptoms of debt. Read the following article and find the signs of debt so as to avoid being in debt in Lansing.

Beware of This Business Credit Card Catch-22 Lansing MI

In the current credit environment, relying on credit cards for business funding is becoming increasingly risky and could quickly backfire. To keep business credit lines open and interest rates down, follow these simple tips.

Biking to Get in Shape Lansing MI

Biking is an excellent way to get into shape in Lansing. It is an easy exercise that not only helps you, but the environment also. Some important things to remember when biking are as following.

Bookmarks and Automatic Reminders Lansing MI

If you are juggling multiple credit cards, these tips can help you set things up the right way, making the process of paying your credit cards almost automatic. Try these five steps to simplify your financial life and cut down on the time you spend managing your credit card payments. You can bookmark your card websites using favorites and opt in for automatic reminders.

Bounced Check Problems Lansing MI

Bounced checks will show up for seven years on reports that potential employers in Lansing pull from specialty consumer reporting agencies. You should pay attention to it and protect your own rights.

Budgeting Tips Lansing MI

Budgeting has a bad reputation with many people. They envision a budget means calculating hundreds of difficult sums and spending hours each week tracking every single cent they spend, all the while being forced to stay at home and never have any fun. The truth is nothing like this at all.

Building a Household Budget Lansing MI

A real budget in Lansing consists of both income and expenses. It should balance, that is to say, all your income should be allocated to expenses. To account for everything, be sure to include savings in your budget as an expense.

Building a Shoestring Budget Lansing MI

Budgeting takes a concerted effort in Lansing. The first time that you put one together it will take a few hours to account for everything, but that is just the learning curve. Once you have the system set up, it is easier to make any changes down the line. Here are some tips for building a budget.

Building a Solid Credit History with a Student Credit Card Lansing MI

Having a credit card offers important benefits in addition to convenience and easy access to cash. It enables you to start building a credit history and, as long as you comply with the terms of the card, acquiring a good credit score.

Building Good Credit Lansing MI

Four simple strategies that can help you build a credit history.

Business Credit Lansing MI

It's a good idea to manage your business credit as this credit rating can either save or cost your business money.

Business Credit Cards Pros and Cons Lansing MI

Credit cards have long provided an easy avenue for entrepreneurs in Lansing to fund start-up ventures, from businesses to movie productions. takes a close view of business credit cards.

Business Finance Lansing MI

Every new business needs finance when they are first starting up. You will need to buy equipment and your workplace will need to be set up as well as all of your marketing costs being sorted out but it doesn't just stop here; when you are officially set up and your business starts making money you will need to cover all of your businesses bills and your staffs wages.

Buying Only What You Need Lansing MI

A student offers his advice on being a wise consumer and not wasting money on unnecessary purchases.

Can Credit Cards Improve Your FICO Score? Lansing MI

It’s well known that carrying too much credit card debt or missing credit card payments will hurt one’s credit score. Few people, however, are aware that credit cards also can be a great way to begin to build a credit history and that they can even help improve one’s credit score.

Car Loans And Average Credit Scores Lansing MI

A college student with limited income and credit card debt needs help finding an affordable car loan.

Car Loans Despite Bad Credit Lansing MI

A famous quote says that people in Lansing perish for lack of knowledge. This is true especially for people who do not have the slightest idea on what to do with their bad credit records. Having information on the one hand is one thing and knowing how to use that information for your own good is something else.

Car Loans Refinancing Lansing MI

As it is now possible to refinance your car like your home, car loans refinancing have been specially designed for the bad credit borrowers in Lansing who are suffering from past credit records. This loan will help you to come out of your bad credit record and meet your needs. You can find a suitable loan deal that adequately matches your needs.

Care Options for Aging Parents Lansing MI

Thanks to modern medicine and better diets, people are living longer. On the flip side, health can decline for many years before one's demise.

Cash Advance Loans Lansing MI

Wish you had all the money in the world to get yourself those luxuries that people around you in Lansing seem to enjoy? Or are you only wishing you had money to repay the debt on your credit card, get that dress for the office party or buy your kid that latest toy in market? Let your mind relax.

Cash Flow Lansing MI

It's not that difficult to sell lots of jobs, do great work, earn tons of money, and still go broke in the pro AV business in Lansing. Here's how. First, sell a big project to a client without doing a credit check or getting a portion of the total cost of the job upfront.

Catalog Credit Cards Lansing MI

Catalog credit cards, or merchandise credit cards as they are also called in Lansing, are unique in the universe of credit cards. With few exceptions, they offer guaranteed approval and high credit limits regardless of your credit rating or credit history.

Certified Public Accountants/CPAs Lansing MI

Certified Public Account (CPA) is the title given to accountant professionals who have passed the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination (CPA Exam). The CPA designation is granted by the state boards, and not by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). CPAs perform many varied services, including financial audits (assuring and attesting that businesses are following the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, or GAAP), tax preparation, forensic accounting, and consulting. See below to locate a Certified Public Accountant in Lansing, MI.

Changing Spending and Lifestyle to Escape Debt Lansing MI

A home equity loan can make a lot of sense for people in Lansing who can avoid falling back into the trap of using credit cards for purchases. On the flip side, a home equity loan can be a disaster for those who do not change their spending habits. Read on to find how to change your lifestyle and spending habits.

Chapter 7 And Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Code Lansing MI

If an individual finds that non bankruptcy alternatives are not feasible, a decision then must be then made between filing a Chapter 7 liquidation proceeding or a debt adjustment proceeding under Chapter 13.

Charging Groceries Decreases Your Credit Card Limit? Lansing MI

One of the fallouts from the credit crisis is card issuers are taking aggressive steps to protect their sagging bottom lines. Charging your groceries is now part of the financial profile.

Cheap Car Finance Lansing MI

When it comes down to buying a car in Lansing then you need to do something just to keep your options open. Let us look at it this way, if you are requiring a car loan then your credit history should be evaluated and at that point you will know how much you can take as a loan.

Checkbook Balancing Tips Lansing MI

It is one of our least favorite things to do. No one wants to think about tracking their finances in Lansing, but it is the only way to make sure that we are keeping up with and not exceeding our available funds. Here are five tips for balancing that dreaded checkbook that, once started, will become second nature every month.

Choosing Debt Relief Programs Lansing MI

The help available through a debt relief program can prove to be a boon in getting the financial portion of your life back in order. On the other hand, living under the daily weight of debt is a great burden on most any individual. Fortunately there are options.

Choosing The Credit Card Lansing MI

Compare credit card offers. Find a better rate NOW.

Cleaning up after an Identity Theft Lansing MI

The Debt Adviser explains how to get started on clearing up the problems caused by an identity theft. Here is a typical case.

College Finance 101 Lansing MI

Okay, your child has been accepted into several colleges and has likely made a decision by this point on what college they will attend - so what next? You now need to help your child learn about how to manage a banking account as well as credit cards. That means both parents and students need to approach the college financial scene with unprecedented caution. Here are several things you should focus on as soon as possible.

Commercial Mortgage Brokers Service Lansing MI

Good commercial mortgage brokers in Lansing should offer a fast and reliable service. Having access to the majority of financial providers in the market place and knowledge of the deals available should enable them to arrange the best deal to suit your circumstances.

Commercial Mortgages Lansing MI

Opting for commercial mortgages is the best way to finance the acquisition of land and buildings for business purposes. They provide easy finance. These types of loans are secured on commercial property such as shops, business premises, warehouses, factories, workshops, garages, hospitals and schools.

Comparing College Financial Aid Packages Lansing MI

Study each financial aid award letter and consider the schools' reputations to determine the best fit.

Consequences of Credit Lansing MI

A credit expert shares a few tips, tools and techniques to support young adults in saving more, spending less, paying off their debt and becoming financially savvy.

Consolidate Student Loans Lansing MI

A college graduate is paying varying interest rates on multiple student loans.

Consolidating Student Loans Lansing MI

By consolidating your student loans into a single payment, you can take advantage of lower monthly payments and possibly receive a longer repayment term. Here are some tips on how to consolidate your college loans to enable you to manage your debts better and enjoy life more while you are doing so.

Consolidation Loans Lansing MI

The most common way of consolidating several unsecured, high interest debts – whether they are personal loans or outstanding credit or store card balances – is through a secured consolidation loan. Read on and learn more.

Consumer Debt Lansing MI

Have you feeling hopeless, stressed up and in a financial difficulty? Consumer debt counseling agencies are there to help you have some hope and, may lead you to freedom by helping you meet your goals in Lansing.

Credit Car Loans Lansing MI

Having bad credit records affects your eligibility for a loan from banks. This does not however mean that you have to wallow in your misery and not realize the dream of buying a car in Lansing.

Credit Card Cancellation Lansing MI

A credit expert explains why canceling your credit card may not be such a good idea.

Credit Card Debt Consolidation Lansing MI

Debt consolidation allows you to speed up the time for paying off your debts with lower monthly bills. Should you opt for credit card debt consolidation, you can expect to pay off your current debts in three to six years. However, keep in mind that terms and conditions can change in a debt consolidation plan.

Credit Card Debt Settlement Agency Lansing MI

There are plenty of credit card debt settlement companies in the market these days and this can make selecting the best one difficult. If you want to ascertain if your credit card debt settlement company is authentic or not then here are some ways to be sure about it.

Credit Card Services and Business Loans for Small Business Lansing MI

To achieve financial independence, experts encourage even currently employed individuals to consider entrepreneurship. Setting up your own business, no matter how small, is touted as one of the best ways toward building the foundation for wealth. Those who are concerned about having a safety net need not take the plunge recklessly. One can start setting up a small business even while employed.

Credit Cards Lansing MI

Credit cards allow you to access services as well as products when you do not have cash at hand. They are fast becoming the way of life for many people in Lansing. The issuers of these cards look at ones financial records and see how well your accounts are maintained. From the records they can decide to give you the card or not.

Credit Cards Lansing MI

There are many ways of transacting business on credit in Lansing. One of this is through the use of credit cards. The issuer of the card is a bank or any other financial institution with which the holder must have an account. The issuer facilitates transaction by paying on behalf of the holder and them making a claim from the holder at, for example, the end of every month.

Credit Cards Issues Lansing MI

Among the tools available for trade in Lansing are credit cards. They have been made popular by the banks and other institutions due to their convenience and the level of security attached to them. Many merchants accept them as a means of payment for services and goods offered to their clients. Many people have also accepted them as standard means of payment, just as paying with solid cash.

Credit Check Cash Loans Lansing MI

With the intention of getting rid of bad credit history, lots of individuals are rummaging around for a solution, but they do not have any expectation anywhere to get magic-potion. Even they do not have any expectation from anywhere, yet they may be in wonder how to develop their horrific credit ratings through no credit check cash loans in Lansing. If they covet to meet such magic procedure, just go online and search right web of these loans.

Credit Repair Advice Lansing MI

If anyone says they can "fix" or "repair" your credit, watch your wallet!

Credit Repair Services Lansing MI

Find out how you can improve your creditworthiness and gives legitimate resources for low or no-cost help.

Dealing With Credit Card Debt Lansing MI

Most consumers have several credit cards and carry a balance on all of them, which means that they are paying out a lot of money each month in the high interest charged by credit card companies. This means that only a very small portion of the minimum payment actually goes towards paying off the outstanding balance of each card. And this article discusses about dealing with credit card debt; read on and learn more.

Dealing With Foreclosure Lansing MI

Foreclosure is when a lending party, which can be the federal government, repossesses a house or piece of property to help pay off the mortgage of that piece of property. Read on and learn more.

Dealing with Insolvency and Bankruptcy Lansing MI

This is the most suitable and reliable way to get instant financial help at the time in Lansing when you have nothing to submit as security or even not able to show your credit status. These loans will offer instant approval irrespective of bad or poor credit status. You can via apply online and avail your cash within 24 hours. This loans method is offer you flexible terms & conditions which make your way o...

Debt And Investments Lansing MI

Personal finance expert Mike Schiano explains why it's best to pay off your debt first rather than investing the money elsewhere.

Debt Consolidation And Debt Solution Lansing MI

There's a real need for people with debt problems to understand the differences between debt consolidation and the various other debt solutions available and understand which one could be right for them at a time like this.

Debt Consolidation Program Lansing MI

Debt consolidation program presents many benefits and advantages to those who will obtain them for their multiple loans. The most important of this advantage is the merging of their old loans into a single new one.

Debt Consolidation Program Loan Lansing MI

Debt consolidation program loan can be an inevitable move, especially for those who are looking for a relief on their financial problems. Now when trying to get a consolidation program, it requires ample research and checking on companies that offer them to you.

Debt Management Program And Debt Consolidation Lansing MI

A financial expert explains how a debt management program works.

Debt Problems Lansing MI

There are many problems incurred as a result of debts. Once people in Lansing realize that you are in financial difficulties, they all turn against you making you feel more frustrated. Your family members could likely misunderstand your situation, leading to chaos which could eventually break your marriage. You could easily become crazy since almost all your earnings is used to pay off the bills.

Debt Relief Lansing MI

Most will realize they are in debt, but put off getting out of it and in the meantime falling even deeper. The last resort is usually filing for bankruptcy and that is when people feel all hope is lost.

Debt Relief Educational Services Lansing MI

If you have huge credit card debts and every intention of repaying them, there are many educational services related to debt relief for your perusal.

Debt Settlement Companies Lansing MI

Debt settlement companies act as mediators on our behalf. They negotiate with the creditors and propose that our debts be reduced. In exchange, borrowers would agree to give regular payments. Here are some of the roles that debt settlement companies play.

Debt Settlements Lansing MI

Many consumers receive results from debt settlement companies in Lansing. According to The Association of Settlement Companies (TASC), consumers seeking to manage their debt have higher success rates when using credible debt settlement companies rather than credit counseling services.

Debt Transfer Lansing MI

A financial expert explains why a young graduate should be careful about transferring his college loan debt to his credit card.

Dollar-Based Investing Lansing MI

Find out the answers to commonly asked investing questions.

Dollar-Based Investing Primer Lansing MI

A primer on how dollar-based averaging can work for you as an investment strategy.

Drake Tax Preparation Software Lansing MI

The Drake tax preparation suite includes tax compliance, unlimited e-filing, a client write-up system, document management, a tax planner, organizers, a firm website, banking options and access to RIA's Checkpoint online tax research platform.

Effect Of Credit Rating Lansing MI

Many people never bother to keep an eye on their credit rating; some never check theirs at all. It's easy to underestimate the value of a credit rating, but in truth; unless you belong in the high-income club and can afford to buy everything with cash, your credit rating dictates the quality of life you live, the following are some of the known ways.

Effective Forex Training Lansing MI

The role of the truly effective trading coach is to create the right conditions for learning to happen, and to continually motivate their students. Most Forex traders are already highly motivated and therefore the task is to maintain that motivation and to generate excitement and enthusiasm.

Factors That Affect Credit Score Lansing MI

What are the factors used to calculate your credit score? Here are a few of the most important ones.

FAQ About Money Lansing MI

A financial fitness coach answers frequently asked questions about money, love and careers.

Fast Personal Loans Lansing MI

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on which side of the financial fence you are straddling, Christmas also means bountiful food, flowing drinks, twinkling lights and electric bills that make your eyes pop out and put twinkles in your head, colorful decorations that color your wallet black, and gifts that surround the Christmas tree but also surround you with problems.

Filing Bankruptcy Lansing MI

The biggest downside to bankruptcy is the fact that it remains on your credit report for up to 10 years. During this time it will be much more difficult for you to establish a positive credit history. Another downside to bankruptcy is the cost.

Financial Accounting Terms Lansing MI

Due to unfamiliarity with the technical aspects of double entry bookkeeping non-accountants frequently have problems understanding the financial accounting terms. Learn more about these accounting terms.

Financial Basics For College Students Lansing MI

Students can avoid debt problems by developing a spending plan, limiting credit card spending and getting a copy of their credit report.

Financial Management Sense Lansing MI

Finally, you've got some extra cash. Use this guide to put that money to work, whether it's a few spare bills or a sizable bonus. To help you decide, check out these strategies.

Financial Risk Management Software Lansing MI

The purpose of financial risk management software is to protect against making bad investment decisions that may lead to a large financial loss. It does this by estimating the how much risk is being taken for a particular investment choice and how much money could be lost if the investment loses value.

Find the Right Investing Strategy Lansing MI

Learn what questions to ask before selecting an investment strategy.

Finding Scholarships At College Lansing MI

Find out what current college students at all levels should do to ensure maximum financial help.

Finding Startup Money Lansing MI

Learn how to attract capital for your entrepreneurial ideas.

Fixing Credit Report Errors Lansing MI

Even a minor mistake on your credit report can keep you from getting a good interest rate on a line of credit. It is vital to keep your credit as good as possible. But did you know that up to 70 of credit reports contain mistakes? The three major credit bureaus are in charge of keeping track of your credit history.

Forex Trading FAQs Lansing MI

Forex is the foreign exchange market, where currencies from all over the world are traded. Trading the Forex market involves buying and selling of different currencies. And this article discusses the forex trading FAQs; read on and learn more.

Forex Trading Success Lansing MI

Browse the Internet for an hour. I think we can agree what is propagated is that success in the foreign exchange market (a.k.a, FOREX) is about systems that provide some magical insight into the nature of the market, some set of rules that allow the trader to predict outcomes and attain untold riches. Read on and learn more.

Forex Trading Tips Lansing MI

Trading in the Forex market can give you the opportunity to earn a lot of money. However, you also need the proper knowledge, tools, and discipline as this market does have risk, just as you have risk trading stocks, bonds, or futures.

Funding for Business Lansing MI

Most of us don't have enough personal money to start a business. Here are some helpful ideas for how to fund your new company. Read this article and know more.

Getting A Home Mortgage Lansing MI

An expert offers a list of things to do to assist you financially in meeting your goal of home ownership.

Getting Out Of Debt Lansing MI

A college student explains how she got out of debt and started a budget.

Guide For Home Mortgage Refinancing Lansing MI

The time that you have been paying so far for your original mortgage. If for example you have paid for 15 years out of the 20 year term of your mortgage, home mortgage refinancing will ask you for a payment extension.

Having An Offshore Bank Account Lansing MI

There are many benefits to having an offshore bank account, especially if you travel a lot for business. Many businesses utilize offshore bank accounts because placing their money within another economy can have some tax advantages.

Healthy Credit Reports Lansing MI

A college student gets advice on how to build a healthy credit report.

Hedge Funds Lansing MI

What exactly are hedge funds? How do they work? Who is eligible to invest in them? This article provides you information about hedge funds and how they work for investors.

Home Equity Loans Lansing MI

While cash strapped homeowners sometimes struggle to make ends meet, our real estate has seemingly morphed into the local bank. We can tap into our home equity for everything from cars to vacations to college funds. Though tapping into your home s value is one of the smartest ways to borrow money, there are still drawbacks.

Home Improvement Financing Lansing MI

Homes need updating. Aside from the cosmetics of tiles and paint colors, there are the basic, but necessary renovations that need to be taken care of as well. And this article discusses about home improvement financing; read on and learn more.

Home Loans Lansing MI

When you finally find the new home you are looking for that suits you and your family perfectly, it is so exciting. Having difficulty securing a home loan or a home mortgage can put a huge damper on the experience. To take the pressure off applying for home loans, check into pre approved home loans or mortgage loans, which have many benefits including knowing your maximum home loans price range.

Home Mortgage Financing Options Lansing MI

When choosing a mortgage, you have a variety of options from fixed rate to adjustable rate and balloon payments. To learn more about the different types of mortgage financing that are available, keep reading. Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM)Adjustable rate mortgages tend to be popular when interest rates are high.

Home Mortgage Refinancing Lansing MI

Home owners interested in getting home mortgage refinancing actually have some option for consideration. However, before embarking on a particular refinancing program, it is advisable for you to know more about home refinancing.

How To Avoid Bankruptcy Lansing MI

Bankruptcy is a situation where you have drowned in debts. When you file for bankruptcy, credit report companies will report it and such will have adverse effects on your credit score. And this article discusses about how to avoid bankrupty; read on and learn more.

How To Buy Foreclosured Property Lansing MI

Here you will find information and local resources in Lansing, MI that will assist with How To Buy Foreclosured Property. Get the information and expertise in Lansing you are looking for buying foreclosured property in US, local newspaper, online information, phone and government information, locating property. Do the research before you make any investments or decisions regarding Mortgages. Our guides and resources will help you quickly and easily make an educated decision about How To Buy Foreclosured Property.

How To Buy Stocks Lansing MI

An investment expert breaks down the advantages and disadvantages of some different approaches to choosing stocks.

How to Cancel a Check Lansing MI

Here you will find information and local resources in Lansing, MI that will assist with How to Cancel a Check. Get the information and expertise in Lansing you are looking for cancel a check, account number, contact information, the check number, local branch of the bank. Do the research before you make any investments or decisions regarding Retail Banks. Our guides and resources will help you quickly and easily make an educated decision about How to Cancel a Check.

How To Find An Affordable Loan Lansing MI

For many consumers it can be very difficult to find loans they can afford and there can be many factors that can affect the cost of a loan for an individual like bad credit or other similar issues. And this article discusses about how to find a afordable loan; read on and learn more.

How to Handle a Tuition Hike Lansing MI

Colleges and universities hit by state and federal funding cuts are shocking students with mid-year tuition hikes. How can students, already squeezed for money, cope with such unexpected sticker shock? Read on and you'll know.

How To Make Money In Real Estate Lansing MI

One of the most important things a successful real estate investor has is knowledge. You must know when to buy, when to sell and what neighborhoods offer the most opportunity.

How To Prevent Check Fraud Lansing MI

Despite the advent and development in online banking, many account holders still maintain the use of checks. In fact, roughly 15 of the nation's population still depends on checks for executing transactions. This 15 are also the prime targets of one of the most damaging violations in the financial industry: check fraud.

How To Qualify For Home Mortgage Loan Lansing MI

Your ability to obtain a mortgage loan as well as the interest rate offered to you by prospective lenders will depend on your credit score, employment history and general lendability. Keep reading to learn 8 ways you can better your chances of qualifying for a home mortgage loan.

How To Reduce Personal Debt Lansing MI

For most people, escaping the pit of personal debt is not that complicated. You need to approach the task with a positive mental attitude and determine where you can generate savings.

Identity Scoring VS. Credit Monitoring Lansing MI

Identity scoring and monitoring is often more effective than credit report monitoring to watch for potentially fraudulent activity.

Identity Thieves Lansing MI

Why is the Internet such a popular place for identity thieves? Because it's an easy way to collect personal information, like Social Security numbers and account numbers.

Improving Your Credit Score Lansing MI

There are several different factors that go into your credit score and you want to improve your credit score but are unsure of where to start. Read on and learn more.

Invest With Dividend Reinvestment Plans Lansing MI

Investing in a dividend reinvestment plan means you don't need money to make money (well, maybe a little).

Investing Advice Lansing MI

Check out our beginner's guide to setting investment goals and organizing your portfolio.

Investing For Retirement Lansing MI

In our continuing series of articles for beginning investors, a financial expert counsels a young woman wanting to help her mother invest for retirement.

Investing for Retirement Lansing MI

You may look at your portfolio today and think you have plenty of money to start giving out gifts to your children in tax-free amounts generally up to $12,000 per year if you are single and $24,000 per year if you are married. But your spending may change in retirement.

Key Stock Terms Lansing MI

Investors must learn some common terms related to stocks and investing.

Learning About the Stock Market Lansing MI

No one should ever need to ask where can I learn about the stock market any more because there is enough quality free stock market information available on the internet for everybody to get stock market help. If you want stock market programs or stock market reports they are available for free on line. If you are interested in a particular stock market book or a stock recommendation chances are they will be available online.

Life Insurance Policies Lansing MI

Are you looking to buy a life insurance policy? Which type of policy will be the best for you? This may hinge upon what you are able to pay, how much coverage you need in addition to the length of insurance coverage. Spend some time browsing around for the best deal.

List of Illegal Collection Practices Lansing MI

Given the declining economy and the dramatic loss of personal income and jobs, a growing number of people are finding themselves in serious credit card debt, many for the very first time.

Loan Consolidation Lansing MI

College graduates must decide between paying off their student loans or investing their money elsewhere.

Long Term Stock Lansing MI

Investing in the stock market usually works best when done over a period of many years.

Long-Term Financial Goals Lansing MI

Here is what you need to know about asset allocation. Read on and learn more.

Long-Term Financial Planning Lansing MI

Respecting the future value of money saved and the hard work that went into earning money is the first step to becoming a disciplined, successful saver.

Lowering Future Medical Insurance Premiums Lansing MI

Scientists have discovered a drug which cuts death from a common heart problem by almost a third. Atrial fibrillation is a disorder of the heart rhythm but Multaq has been shown to reduce the incidents of this claiming lives by up to thirty per cent.

Making Sense Of Scholarships Lansing MI

Scholarship dollars come from sources as diverse as the students who receive them. An understanding of who's giving away this money for college will help you learn where to look and how to win.

Managing Debt Lansing MI

Whether you're still in school or have already graduated, keep these rules in mind as you make borrowing and spending decisions.

Maximizing Scholarship Eligibility Lansing MI

You may be eligible for more awards than you think. The secret is to "type" yourself. Find the maximum number of scholarship opportunities by thinking about who you are and what you do.

Money For College Tuition Lansing MI

One such way to pay college tuition prices, becoming more popular these days, is through internships. Internships not only provide an intern with necessary and helpful on the job experience, they can be a good way to put oneself through college. Paying for the high cost of an education may seem like a daunting task, unattainable through a college internship, but this simply is not true.

Mortgage Advice Lansing MI

Commercial mortgages are as the name suggests, mortgages for the commercial sector. They are a form of long term finance and can be used for the purchase of land and/or property for business use plus to buy a going concern. If you want to know more about mortgage advices in Lansing, you would like to check mortgage information online.

Online Bill Pay Lansing MI

For those who have discovered online bill pay, the world of writing checks and addressing envelopes just got a whole lot brighter. Online bill pay allows users to manage their bills without the hassles of shuffling paper and affixing stamps. It is also a secure way to handle finances online from home.

Online Forex Market Trading Lansing MI

Let's look at some of the things that drive the trading on the online foreign exchange market, also known as the Forex. In particular, let s look at Forex terms and concepts. Read on and learn more.

Online Stock Trading Lansing MI

Online trading has been around for years now. Before the power of internet emerged, stock trading was limited to the halls of stock exchanges or dealing with brokers who charge expensive commissions to make transactions and manage a portfolio. All of this has changed; millions of people nowadays buy and sell stocks online not only in the U.S.

Online Trading Lansing MI

Online trading Canada has some checks and balances in place. You usually can't transfer the funds out of your account to a third party. The broker that you have set up your trading account with will typically issue and mail you a check or you can go to the broker's office and pick up a check.

Overcome The Fear Of Investing Lansing MI

Afraid you'll make a mistake? Afraid of the jargon? Afraid you need the money now? The experts once were amateurs, too. With their advice, you can take the plunge.

Payday Loan Lansing MI

There is much fuss about cash advance loans due to their exorbitant interest rates and binding terms, but if you're determined enough you will be able to recognize that with cash advance loans people are given a good alternative to the typical bank loans.

Payday Loan Lansing MI

The prime prevention to avail a loan is bad credit history. So no one likes to keep it with oneself. If the person has got bad credit history then he does not want to show to the lenders for the fear of rejecting application. Unfortunately, if you have bad credit history then there is nothing to worry because a payday loan can be availed easily there. This type of payday loan is designed for bad credit borrowers to terminate sudden financial crises.

Payday Loan Tips Lansing MI

There are limits to what you should share with people in the office. You can tell them about your new baby, your gas bills, and what you think about the news but never the details of your payday loan. Here are the other things you should keep to yourself.

Payday Loans Overview Lansing MI

To meet the immediate needs within the least span of time can be easily with applying this scheme via online method. To get the convenient technique without any tedious formality, try out payday loans with simple application and instant approval.

Paying Off Debts Lansing MI

A reader with credit card debt wants to know whether his repayment plan will work.

Paying Off Student Loans Lansing MI

A student loan expert explains why paying off private loans first can save you money.

Personal Financial Planning Tips Lansing MI

Just as technology gives you an edge in your business life, it can save time and build wealth when it comes to managing your personal finances. Whether it's the mundane chores of tracking your daily spending or the more complicated tasks of tracking your investments and guiding your financial planning, tech tools not only save time but also help your money grow.

Personal Loans For Credit Card Debts Lansing MI

It takes determination of steel to pay off credit card debts with personal loans and the strategy will not work for lesser mortals. But if you think you have what it takes, this can help you turn things around. And this article discusses about personal loan for credit card debts; read on and learn more.

Post Graduate Investments Lansing MI

A financial expert advises a soon-to-be graduate on the right time to begin investing.

Prevent Identity Theft Lansing MI

Learn how acting like the Grinch will protect you from identity thieves.

Private Student Loan Debt Lansing MI

A college grad gets advice on finding lower interest rates for her private student loans.

Raising Credit Score Lansing MI

A college student gets advice on how to repair a damaged credit report.

Raising Your Low Credit Score Lansing MI

Bad credit is no joke! Keep reading and you will discover how you can begin taking the steps to repair and restore your blemished credit history and raise your credit scores. At this writing, the credit market is tight. Even those with excellent credit are having problems getting loans at favorable rates. Therefore it is very important that you begin improving your credit profile and credit score as soon as possible.

Real Estate Investing Lansing MI

An expert shares the basic steps for investing in real estate.

Real Estate Investment Rules Lansing MI

Almost anyone can make money in an appreciating market. The real skill is making money in a flat or down market like we find ourselves in right now. In this article I am going to share with you the only three things you need to know to make money in real estate in both good times and bad. Knowing these three rules and abiding by them will allow you to sleep well at night even as those around you lie awake in panic.

Safe Investments Lansing MI

A financial expert helps a young investor review her investment options.

Saving And Investing Plan Lansing MI

Starting a savings plan involves setting goals and finding new sources of income.

Saving For Retirement Lansing MI

Saving for retirement is something that everyone needs to consider, as it is an important long term goal. Every working person, no matter how old he or she is, will eventually reach retirement age.

Savings For Retirement Lansing MI

Our financial expert helps a young investor plan for retirement by creating an investment strategy.

Scholarship Myths Lansing MI

Gain a better understanding of the  "rules" of the college scholarships game by learning the truth behind some myths that have prevented many deserving students from winning money for college.

Short-Term Investing Strategies Lansing MI

Our financial expert shares his short-term investment strategies for protecting capital and minimizing potential risks.

Small Business Accounting Software Lansing MI

Accounting firms can support clients in part through software publishers. Most of these programs are so valuable to your practice that joining them should be easy.

Small Business Banking Lansing MI

Managing money has always been a major responsibility for businesses of all sizes, but it is of even greater importance for smaller companies with limited finances, as they often do not have the surplus funds needed to grow without borrowing.

Solution To College Tuition Lansing MI

Student loans are easily obtainable. Most financial institutions offer these types of loans very freely. The issue is that most young students do not realize the implications of accumulating debt. And this article discusses the solution for college tuition; read on and learn more.

Spending Plan Basics For College Students Lansing MI

Learn how to budget your money and get out of debt. Read on and learn more.

Starting an Investing Portfolio Lansing MI

Our investment expert counsels a beginning investor on creating an investment portfolio and understanding risk tolerance.

Steps To A Better Credit Score Lansing MI

If your credit score isn't as high as you want it to be, know that you have the power to improve it. The way in which you handle your finances plays a huge role in your credit rating.

Stock Market Strategies Lansing MI

This article gives a shot at stock market strategies. Read on and you will get more information on how to do your stock trading in such changeable stock market.

Stock Recommendations Lansing MI

Our financial expert offers tips and advice for a beginning young adult investor on how to decide whether to buy a stock.

Student Loan Debt Lansing MI

A financial aid expert helps a graduate concerned about his student loan debt.

Student Loans And Credit Scores Lansing MI

A financial expert explains how your current debt load can affect your ability to borrow money.

Student Loans And Debt Lansing MI

A former student has problems making her student loan payments.

Student Loans Or Retirement Lansing MI

Go over these three important options to find what's best for you. Here's how to find the balance between student loans and retirement.

Student Loans Vs. Investing Lansing MI

A young grad wonders whether to start an investment plan or pay off her college student loan debts instead.

Sub-prime Mortgages Lansing MI

The term "sub-prime mortgages" applies to those mortgages that were approved for those whom many banks would have turned down. This may include those with a spotty credit history or who earned less than most banks would think is the minimum salary requirement to be eligible for a mortgage.

Tax Basics For Investors Lansing MI

A little bit of knowledge can go a long way towards minimizing the burden of taxes in your portfolio.

Taxes And Investing For Minors Lansing MI

A parent wants to get his teenager started in investing but wants to avoid paying taxes on his son's earnings - an experts suggests a custodial account.

The 5 C s To Success Lansing MI

Beginning or expanding a business can be an exciting venture. But to do so successfully, a business owner is going to need capital. That comes from either the owner s personal check book or financing extended through a bank. To secure financing through a bank, a business owner must understand the 5 C s of Credit.

The Basics Of Borrowing Lansing MI

If you're a current or future college student, it pays to understand the basic principles behind borrowing.

The Basics Of Trading Forex Market Lansing MI

Before you begin trying to trade the Forex, you should be familiar with the main terminology and ideas used in this market.

The Benefits Of Consolidating Debt Lansing MI

Debt is a big problem for millions of Americans and other citizens around the world. Debtors who are in exceptionally deep often die with bills unpaid, and the debt is passed on to their relatives. When credit first became available, it was nearly impossible for the average consumer to acquire a credit card. Nowadays, companies want people who have trouble paying their bills, because that means they will ultimately pay more interest, and that is how credit card companies make most of their money.

The Credit Card Game Lansing MI

Do you think you can get one over on the credit card companies? They make billions of dollars.

The Do's and Don'ts of Money Lansing MI

Although the news of the economy might be scaring you,you can consciously decide to live a policy of profitability and not survivability.It's just a matter of knowing when to hold on to your money and when to move it around.

The Truth about CashBack Credit Cards Lansing MI

Find out whether a cashback credit card is the perfect fit for your wallet.

The Truth About Credit Scores Lansing MI

A recent graduate explains how to navigate the confusing world of credit scores and credit reports.

Thinking Like Investors Lansing MI

Check out this break-down of the health food trend to figure out why or why not it might be a good investment as an example of thinking like an investor.

Third Party Payment Processor Lansing MI

Processing credit cards for your customers purchases can easily comprise the bulk of your online store s sales volume. Without having the means to charge credit cards, the majority of your customers will simply leave your website.

Tips for Financial Aid Lansing MI

Great checklist from FastWeb offers financial aid tips that many before you have learned the hard way!

Tips For Managing Credit Lansing MI

Ten good ways to manage and improve your credit standing. Use this advice to maintain financial fitness and to stay in control of your financial destiny.

Tips For Paying Off Credit Cards Lansing MI

Experts agree that the best method for paying off credit cards is to begin with the cards with the highest interest rate first. Many people make the mistake of trying to pay down the cards with the highest balances, but attacking those with the highest interest rate will actually give you the best benefit.

Tips For Stock Market Trading Lansing MI

Many people are searching how to invest in the stock market. When investing in the stock market, it’s important to know when and when not to buy. The following article can help you maneuver stock market investing.

Tips On Selecting The Right Financial Planner Lansing MI

It's really an essential task to find out a financial planner that is skilled in planning activities, especially if you are just beginning out. When it comes to choosing the perfect Certified Financial Planner, it assists a lot for evaluating them on the objective grounds.

Tips To Improve Credit Scores Lansing MI

If you have ever wondered if your credit score makes a difference, in day to day credit situations, the answer is a resounding... yes. In fact, the lower your credit score the harder it will be for you to obtain any type of credit. However, it is not impossible as long as you are willing to pay the price.

Transition To Digital Tax Lansing MI

Tax processing is the lifeblood service for many tax and accounting firms, and the profession has seen the significant impact that technology has had on productivity as firms evolved from manual procedures towards digital automation.

Using A Mortgage Broker Lansing MI

A mortgage broker is able to utilise industry knowledge and experience to source deals that can be beneficial to an applicant. Thanks to legislation in favour of the consumer, the broker must offer advice that is appropriate to the applicant's circumstances and can be held financially liable if their information or advice is later found to be defective or misleading.

Ways To Save On Taxes Lansing MI

The following is a list of business expenses that are often passed over in tax preparation season, and can serve to reduce your tax bill. Be sure to review all of your expenses and look for potential tax deductions you may have missed. Consult with your tax adviser when considering deducting any of the following items because limitations and special requirements may apply.