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As an entrepreneur in Holland, you have a to-do list a mile long. Things that need to be done now; things that needed to be done yesterday; and things that need to be done as soon as you can get to them. Being an entrepreneur is tough. That's why getting help is essential. The question, though, is: what do I get help with?

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Entrepreneurs Do It Yourself Marketing - Good Idea?

Author: Weston Lyon

As an entrepreneur, you have a 'to-do' list a mile long. Things that need done now; things that needed done yesterday; and things that need done as soon as you can get to them. Being an entrepreneur is tough. That's why getting help is essential. The question, though, is: what do I get help with?

Do I get help with my important tasks like marketing; or do I get help with little, but meaningful, tasks like data entry? The correct answer: YES.

You need help with both if you want to succeed. However, since June is "Entrepreneurs 'Do It Yourself' Marketing Month," I'd like to look at the marketing side.

Let's explore if doing it yourself is a good idea or bad idea. We'll do this by looking at the 3 stages of marketing: Planning, Implementing, Following Up.


Good idea because...you'll have complete control over the look and feel of your marketing. After all, you have the vision; you're the entrepreneur. Having complete control will allow you to paint the picture you want.

Bad idea because...you'll have complete control. Having control isn't the bad part; it's being so controlling that you can't see the forest through the trees that's bad. In other words, you are so controlling that you become blind to the possibilities and opportunities around you that will lead you to the success you desire.


Good idea because...you know the pulse of your business and your industry. Doing the marketing yourself will bring energy and passion to your business. No one can market your biz like you. No one!

Plus, marketing yourself allows you to stay sharp and enhance your marketing skills in the process. Marketing is the MOST important aspect of your business. These skills are vital to your survival.

Bad idea because...implementing marketing strategies can be time consuming. It takes time to write articles and copy. It takes time to make calls and send e-mails. It takes time to design an ad or webpage.

Following Up:

Good idea because...you'll be able to connect better with your customers, clients, or patients. You'll know their response to your marketing; as well as their feedback, likes and dislikes. Knowing all this will help you market better to them and others in the future.

Bad idea because...you'll be spending time with non-action takers instead of spending time and selling the people who've raised their hands and want your help.

Follow up is crucial to your business. However, it does take time away from the act of making money...selling.


As you can see, there are pros and cons to doing your own marketing. And, unfortunately, we don't have the room or space to get into other aspects of this conversation like: automating, systematizing, or partnering.

With that said, the bottom line for our conversation today is: you need to be in every aspect of your marketing, in one way or another. BUT, you need help to make your marketing easier, faster, and more productive.

About the Author:

Weston Lyon is the author of 10 books & a passionate-professional speaker. More of Weston Lyon's articles and strategies can be found at http://www.westonlyon.com For outstanding information and to receive Weston's 3 NEW books...free! - go here now: http://www.WestonLyon.com/topsecretgift

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