CPUFX Silver Paste Cleaner Kalamazoo MI

CPUFX Silver Paste Cleaner removes thermal paste, which has been pre-applied or applied on your processor to increase thermal conductivity between the core and the heatsink base surfaces. Over time, the thermal paste ages and becomes less effective, causing you to need a product likeCPUFX Silver Paste Cleaner to remove it.

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CPUFX Silver Paste Cleaner


CPUFX.com sent us their very own Silver Paste Cleaner which is designed for end users and product manufactures to remove thermal paste, which has been pre-applied or applied on your processor to increase thermal conductivity between the core and the heatsink base surfaces. Over time thermal paste, of all kinds, get old and less effective which requires the user to replace the thermal paste with new paste to make for better thermal conductivity.

it’s usually pretty difficult to remove thermal paste from a processor properly with a tissue for example. Enter CPUFX.com’s Silver Thermal Paste Cleaning kit, the exact compounds of the cleaning paste are not revealed, but it is pinkish / purple in color and easy to inject out of the syringe.

The actually cleaning paste appears to be a type of partial acidic metal dissolving compound, and thus should really do the job considering it is exactly what is needed because thermal paste is really only liquefied metal fragments used to increase conductivity between two surfaces.

Using it

Now that we have given you a quick understanding of the the CPUFX cleaning material, we will now show you how you can use it. We tend to like to really test each product we review so instead of using the cleaning kit to remove silver paste which it is apparently designed for we tried it out on some new Iced Copper thermal compound from Vantec.

CPUFX includes a small brochure with step-by-step instructions on how to use the cleaning kit most effectively. here’s what we did to remove some copper thermal paste of a Intel Celeron 2 processor core...

STEP 1 - Apply cleaning material (enough to cover core) to core...

STEP 2 - In a circular motion spread using included sponge...

STEP 3 - After the first coat, this is what we end up having...

STEP 4 - Add more paste, using cotton bud to clean in a more detailed manor...

STEP 5 - Clean complete surface area with include cloth...

STEP 6 - The final product nice and clean without a trace of thermal paste...


The CPUFX Sliver Paste Cleaner kit is quite nice and the low price of around US$7.00 makes it even more attractive. The complete kit is very easy to use and does a effective job of cleaning old or unneeded thermal paste from your processor. After you have complete the 5 minute step-by-step guide your processor will look brand new and nice and shiny. Added to this already nice product, you can use the cleaner on not just silver thermal paste (as the product name suggest) but all sorts of paste such as white, gray and copper pastes. Nice invention CPUFX!

Rating - 9 / 10

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