AOpen AK73 Pro Motherboard Ann Arbor MI

Aopen is one of the most diverse multimedia companies on the market and make a range of affordable PC components. One of these components is the AOpen AK73 Pro motherboard.

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AOpen AK73 Pro Motherboard


Aopen is one of the most diverse multimedia companies on the market and make a range of affordable PC components, which includes; CD and DVD ROM’s, video and sound cards, network and modem devices, cases and motherboards. With AOpen’s motherboards, most people have classed them as low end motherboards, mostly because of their lack of features and in the past some of their benchmark scores were pretty bad. Aopen’s big break in motherboards was the highly successful AX6BC Pro and AX6BX Pro Gold motherboards. These two motherboard were among the highest overclockable motherboards on the market at the time of release.

Aopen was one of the last companies to come into the K7 market. Aopen skipped the entire AMD 750 chipset board line. Aopen’s first K7 board was a KX133 Slot A design labeled the AK72. This board was an ATX layout with 1AGP 4x, 5PCI 1ISA and 1AMR slot. This truly was a versatile motherboard. However, if you wanted to use the ISA slot you were reduced to having only 4 PCI slots and today with the amount of expansion cards people put into their systems today 5 usable PCI slots is a minimum. This board was released very late into the KX133 stages; ASUS and ABIT already had their boards out and established themselves as having the two of the best KX133 boards on the market. The Aopen AK72 didn’t perform as highly as other KX133 boards due to its very limited tweakability.

AOpen’s next K7 motherboard was a Socket A design called the AK33. This board uses 1AGP, 5PCI and 1AMR layout. Based on the KT133 chipset this board also came into the KT133 battle late. This board was also criticized for being slow and not very tweakable. Aopen have apparently heard these calls and have released a motherboard, the AK73 Pro, which we are reviewing at TweakTown.

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